Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yummers?

Yummers allows you to buy and sell homemade food online. We provide you with authentic, international and unique culinary experiences that are not available through traditional dining methods such as restaurants or current delivery services.

Where is Yummers available?

Yummers is currently available in the Helsinki greater region and will be expanding our services through other areas Finland and Europe.

How do I get the food I order?

You will be able to pick-up the food from the chef’s location and/or coordinate personal pick-up arrangements. Some of our home chefs will also be offering delivery. In the future, we will be expanding our ability to deliver from our home chefs to you.

Is the food served ready to eat?

Depending on the chef, the food will be ready to eat, frozen or lightly chilled.

Do you have a refund policy?

If you cancel your order within 72 hours of scheduled pick up or delivery date you will receive a full refund (minus transaction fees). To cancel an order, please email

If you have customer service dispute, please email and we would be happy to help resolve the situation.

What about food hygiene and safety?

In Finland, both non-professional and professional chefs are selling their homemade food through Yummers

Non professional chefs are required to obtain their Evira Hygiene pass after having 12 days of “pop-ups” (or days selling on our platform). However, the Yummers team highly encourages home chefs to obtain their Evira hygiene pass as soon as possible after intending to cook with us.

Furthermore, we will be having a professional chef performing random kitchen check ups as needed.

How can I become a home chef with Yummers?

Where ever in the world you are, if you are a passionate home chef and eager to get your food out there to hungry people near you - we would love to chat with you!

We believe in hand selecting our home chefs based on quality. This will encourage an environment for the optimal experience for consumers.

If you have a love making tasty dishes and would like to sell your products through us; we would love to have a discussion with you. Please send an email to and include the following information.

We are eager to hear from you and until then – Happy Cooking!